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All the latest news, thoughts, contract wins and updates from The Inspired Marketing Group.

Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: Is the battle for talent, or just begun?

iMG. Co Founders, David Coghlan & Richard Johnson talk to Alec Frusher & Kamila Zielinksa about talent, employment, loyalty, 4 days weeks and business culture


June, 2022


Podcast Season 2, Episode 1: The year one post mortem

***New Season*** In the latest episode, iMG. Co Founders, David Coghlan & Richard Johnson talk to Greg Simpson about year 1 and their bold predictions.


April, 2022


What is outsourced marketing?

Fractional, distributed or remote? It's basically all outsourcing but is it right for your marketing department and how can it help you hit your  marketing and business targets?


March, 2022


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iMGgoes Global after agreeing new relationship.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) are now able to offer our customers the complete marketing package through a new relationship established with Global


February, 2022


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Blog - iMGturns 1 year and reflect  on their 1st year of trading.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) celebrated its first birthday this week, and highlight some of the information and advice they've been given. And, what effect that had on year 1.


November, 2021


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iMGhelping leading specialist retailer during "peak" season.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) has secured a new deal with a leading UK business to help them get in front of customers during one of their busiest seasons.


November, 2021


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Podcast episode 8: Is the future community co-working?

In the latest episode, iMG. Co Founders, David Coghlan & Richard Johnson talk to Dispace Co-Founder Ross Cox, about community co-working spaces & booting the 9 to 5..


November, 2021


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Video for a company enabling a Net Zero energy economy.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) produce a stakeholder video for a CleanTech company enabling the transition to a Net Zero energy economy via its technology platform.


October, 2021


Podcast episode 7: Meet the kick ass marketing superstars.

In the latest episode, iMG. Co Founders, David Coghlan & Richard Johnson talk to some of their amazing kick ass marketers who are part of the 40 strong iMG. Community.


September, 2021


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iMGto help leading engineering & technical consultancy business.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) have agreed an initial 3-month contract with a global consultancy business to provide digital support to their marketing team.


August, 2021


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iMG.  review of marketing activity, as software firm aims to grow.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) have been asked to review cloud based software firms marketing plan and strategy as they aim to grow further.


August, 2021


Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 13.31.01.png
iMG. to help accountancy firm grow through paid media.

iMG. to work with cloud base accountancy firm, Pixie, to help them review and optimise their paid media activity as they look to grow their online sales further.


August, 2021


Podcast episode 6: Marketing resource for outrageous growth.

We talk to Karen Dales from The Access Group about life at one of the fastest growing businesses we've ever seen. And how to plan resource for that scale of growth.


July, 2021


Adsmart from sky.jpg
Sky's the limit: iMGbecomes media buying agency for Adsmart.

iMG. working with Adsmart from Sky to help clients access highly targeted & cost-effective TV advertising across Sky & Virgin TV as well as Sky's Video on demand & digital platforms


July, 2021


Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 11.52.27.png
iMGto provide Etch with lead generation marketing.

iMG. to partner with The Etch Group to provide lead generation marketing services, as the London based consultancy looks to continue its impressive growth.


July, 2021


Image by Kevin Bhagat
Blog - Employees to demand continued flexibility.

An iMG. poll suggests Monday is set to be D-Day as the "work from home" ruling ends, but employees are set to demand their flexible working patterns continue.


July, 2021


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iMG. provide Digital Product Owner to Hospitality sector.

The Inspired Marketing Group will provide digital support to The Access Group to optimise all activity in this sector and help fuel the sectors recovery via its software. 


July, 2021


iMG. to spearhead Account Based Marketing campaign.

iMG. will provide a 6 month program of multi-channel content and tactical campaign activity targeting the CSuite as Equifax looks to growth its market share.


July, 2021


Podcast episode 5: Life's a beach. Co-working to co-living.

iMG. Co-Founders David Coghlan and Richard Johnson are joined by self-declared flexible working enthusiast and business owner Joanne Smalley live from Mallorca.


June, 2021


Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 13.40.06.png
iMG. supports new launch with digital expertise. 

Launched in June, The Inspired Marketing Group have been asked to support the launch & growth of the new PaySuite product for the next 6 months.


June, 2021


iMG. awarded further contract with financial giant.

The Inspired Marketing Group have been asked to provide a customer facing Open Banking report including insights and expert opinions from a recent survey.


June, 2021


Hair Comb
Blog - We called it! The future is fractional.

The buzz word for senior roles in a post COVID normal is 'fractional'. But what does it mean, should you care and actually could entire functions become fractional?


June, 2021


Podacst episode 4: Leaping into brightness and sunshine

We welcome IMG community member Clare Taylor to the Podcast talking about how she started a business in a global pandemic and how others can do it too.


May, 2021


Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 14.49.45.png
iMG. agrees long-term support with M & A Team.

To help support the Group's acquisition strategy, iMG. will provide full time digital support to help assess and merge incumbent websites from new acquisitions.


May, 2021


Podcast episode 3: The Fractional Finance Director.

Shaun Walsh, Founder and CEO of the Business Growth Institute talks about his 15 year old distributed business, fractional roles and business marriage counselling


April, 2021


Specialist digital resource deployed to SaaS business. 

iMG. will provide full time digital support over the next 3 months and are tasked with ramping up lead & sales volumes in preparation for the new financial year.


April, 2021


BGI extend their marketing relationship with iMG.

The Business Growth Institute has agreed a further contract with iMG. to continue the growth and awareness of their online propositions. 


April, 2021


iMGto provide content for SaaS business.

iMGwins new contract to provide content marketing support for the next 3 months. The objective is to drive acquisition for the SaaS company, MintSoft.

March, 2021


30 superstar marketers join the iMG. Community!

The year is only 3 months old but already 30 superstar marketers have been onboarded into the img. Community and are ready to help businesses around the world.


March, 2021


Podcast episode 2: The future of the marketing function

We talk about our business model, what we believe the future of marketing (and business) looks like and why our business is 80% dumb luck..


February, 2021


iMG. win contract to bring proposition roadmap to life.

iMG. ​will help the Financial Services giant develop a B2B2C product positioning framework, using case study examples, for six of Equifax’s core products.


February, 2021


Joint venture for marketing and PR firms.

Nottingham-based Press For Attention PR and The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) have embarked on a joint venture together to enhance service offerings. 

January, 2021


Podcast episode 1: Who the hell are we?

Who the hell are we? Well funny you should ask! We've created a Podcast & YouTube channel, and that's the first episode, plus lots more.

January, 2021


Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 07.03.18.png
iMG. land overseas contract to provide marketing support.

The iMG. have been retained by New Zealand based company Unleashed to work on their cross sell and acquisition programme over the next 5 months.

January, 2021


Holiday rental business set to be inspired.

iMG. have secured a significant new contract to build a holiday website, online booking & payment system for rentals at Tattershall Lakes.


December, 2020


Business growth for new marketing agency.

The Business Growth Institute sign up to redefine their brand strategy & increase the uptake of their online courses, which aim to help businesses grow profitably. 


December, 2020


Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 17.00.06.png
Marketing expert is returning to his roots.

A Sheffield marketing expert is returning to his roots, as he launches what he describes as a reinvention of the marketing function for the new ‘distributed economy’.


December, 2020


inspired to change the marketing game.

Two of the region’s most respected marketing figures join forces to launch a reinvention of the marketing function for the new ‘distributed economy’.


December, 2020