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Celebrating our million pound marketing freelancers

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In November 2020, we embarked on a mission to revolutionise the marketing industry with The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.)

Our vision was twofold:

  1. To help overstretched in-house marketing teams achieve extraordinary results,

  2. To help talented freelancers get paid what they deserve, to do more of the work they love and to do that work on exciting projects with globally recognised brands.

Today, we stand proud as we announce a significant milestone, and one that has been reached much, much earlier than we ever could have imagined!

In just over two years, we have now paid our remarkable community of marketing freelancers over £1,000,000 for the work they’ve done for our clients!

Big cheers!

Purpose not vanity

While some business metrics may be regarded as superficial or vanity metrics, this milestone holds deep significance for us. It represents the impact we have made in the lives of the 50+ talented individuals who contribute their expertise to our clients and their challenges.

It reaffirms our commitment to our original goals and fuels our drive to continue creating opportunities for freelancers as well as providing them with a supportive community.

Cash ≠ Community

Freelancing can often be challenging and sometimes a lonely career move.

When we started IMG. we wanted to create a community that not only provided freelancers with money and fulfilling work but also offered support, guidance, and a sense of belonging.

Alongside the paid opportunities, we have tried to foster an environment that supports our freelance community on their own individual professional journeys. We still need to work hard at this and we can always do more, but through 1-2-1 sessions, virtual meet-ups, resources like our Freelancers Guide to Marketing, and of course our in person socials (train strikes permitting!) we strive to empower and celebrate our community members, helping them grow both personally and professionally in the sometimes brutal freelance world.

Building Strong Relationships

Throughout our careers building strong relationships has been crucial for success, in fact it was our relationships that got IMG. off the ground back in 2020. So we always try to foster lasting connections with both our clients and our community of freelancers.

Our community is not an open door, but a curated community of exceptional marketers who are willing to go above and beyond to deliver for our clients. It’s thanks to the efforts of our community and the relationships we’ve been able to create with our clients as a group, that has helped us maintain long term client partnerships as well as helped grow our client base. This very happy situation of course means we can continue to provide more opportunities to our freelance community.

Beyond Numbers

While this financial milestone is undoubtedly significant, the true measure of our success lies in the stories of triumph within our community. We have witnessed freelancers honing their skills, expanding their portfolios, and building successful businesses of their own. These individual achievements reinforce the positive impact we wanted to have on the marketing industry and for the marketing freelance community in particular.

The future for our marketing freelancers

As we pause to celebrate this milestone, we are also excited by the potential for further growth and innovation. We are always looking to expand our community with exceptional freelancers, to build long term relationships, and connect our talented freelancers with exciting projects. Our vision remains to become the go-to platform for in-house marketing teams that need expertise on demand and for freelancers looking for meaningful work and a friendly group of people to join them on that journey.

The Inspired Marketing Group's journey over the last 2 ⅓ years has been one filled with purpose, passion, some very hard work, a fair few mistakes but always in the pursuit of doing things better for our clients and our community. Surpassing £1,000,000 paid to our freelancers marks a significant achievement for us as a young business and we’re grateful for the opportunity to have hopefully made a small difference in the lives of some super talented individuals.

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue our mission, empowering freelancers and helping in-house marketing teams so if you would like to become part of our community please share your details with us.

Similarly if you work in house and are feeling overwhelmed, then tell us what you need help with and one of our kick ass marketing superstars could be dropping in to help you out next!


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