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iMG. goes Global after agreeing new media buying relationship.

iMG.  goes Global after agreeing new media buying relationship.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) are now able to offer our customers the complete marketing package through a new media buying relationship established with Global. Global, the Media & Entertainment Group, are one of the world’s leading media & entertainment groups owning some of the best-loved radio stations in the UK, as well as an extensive and diverse portfolio in outdoor advertising across the UK & Europe. The new arrangement means iMG. customers will be able to procure any of the services offered by Global through their

existing contract with The Inspired Marketing Group. Global brands include Heart, Capital, LBC, Radio X and Smooth. They keep 25.7 million people entertained each and every week across the airways. And, through the acquisition of Exterion Media, the group is now a major player in the Out of Home (OOH) market too as they also own over 253,000 sites combining airports, roadside posters, premium digital screens, nationwide buses, London Underground and much more. This outdoor inventory reaches 95% of the UK population alone. Through their pioneering digital advertising exchange (DAX), advertisers on can also reach their audience through impactful formats, smart targeting and award-winning effectiveness tools. And, the DAX platform is further enhanced through partners like SoundCloud, TuneIn, ITV, Sky, Ad Media, Ad City Media, Elonex and C Screens. Whilst you might think these services are predominantly aimed at the B2C market, that isn't the case. The benefits and examples of B2C brands using these techniques don't need to be explained, but what about those businesses targeting B2B customers?

iMG.  goes Global after agreeing new media buying relationship.

Nowadays, most B2B buyers are focused on the online world when it comes to capturing the buyer attention. The use of Infographics, eBooks, webinars, white papers, case studies and even blog posts are all great, but OOH can be even better. B2B clients potentially want less of a sales pitch and more often they want and need to see how solutions offered can help them within their businesses. Back in the day E.ON's thrust of B2B marketing was "show me, don't tell me" how to save energy. The same is true today whatever product you are selling.

OOH can really showcase your products in places your customer wouldn't necessarily expect to see it. That element of surprise and that standout moment which everyone is chasing can be provided by good OOH placement.

iMG.  goes Global after agreeing new media buying relationship.

We all know B2B buyers often have greater stakes, smaller budgets and condensed timelines to support business initiatives and it's no surprise B2B buyers often rely more on peer recommendations when making a final purchasing decision. OOH advertising is able to provide storytelling opportunities and reinforce your main campaign message. And lets face it, all business need to tell their stories. OOH advertising is very powerful and highly targeted. Some B2B brands for example buy OOH advertising close to the company headquarters to boost morale, or purchased it in specific locations where employees from their target customers can see it. Examples of this is key commuter routes whether that be road or underground stations. It’s unique and different especially in the B2B space. You can also be very creative and it has the potential to really push the boundaries taking things to the next level.​ It’s a huge opportunity for all of our B2C and B2B customers and we’re really excited to be working with the Global team. Want to talk to us about your campaign. You can do that here.


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