iMG. land overseas contract to provide marketing support.

20th January, 2021

The iMG. have been retained by New Zealand based company Unleashed to work on their cross sell and acquisition programme over the next 5 months.

A recent acquisition by The Access Group, Unleashed has been identified as a strategic initiative for growth, particularly by cross selling their Inventory Management SaaS product to existing Access Customers.

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 14.30.48.png

The 5 month programme will require iMGto work collaboratively with the New Zealand office, as well as colleagues in Loughborough, in order to design, shape and implement a cross sell program to achieve revenue targets.


During the campaign iMG. will deliver on all aspects of marketing from initial research and data validation to content creation, email build and deployment.

iMG. Community member Clare Taylor, a multi-sector experienced national & international marketing professional, specialising in strategy, new product development and lead generation will lead on this project for The Inspired Marketing Group. The project will also be overseen by iMG. Co-Founder Richard Johnson.