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Introducing The "Inspired Marketing Club" for Senior Marketers

Ever felt that pang of nostalgia for those enlightening in-person events where you could rub elbows with industry peers, dive deep into intellectual discussions, grasp new trends, and of course get some free food and drink.

The Inspired Marketing Club: Where senior marketers meet, make friends. share and learn

I remember attending a couple of such events, but sadly they seem to have faded away. Instead of sulking about their absence and, dare I say, my own reservations regarding event planning, I've decided to put on my proactive hat.

So, if you're in the same boat and miss these gatherings as much as I do, then we've got something of you.

From December 2023, we're launching The inspired Marketing Club.

Why The inspired Marketing Club?

Being rooted in the East Midlands, we've noticed a void—a lack of regular events exclusively tailored for senior marketers like us. Hence, the birth of 'The inspired Marketing Club'!

This club will host in-person events, providing a platform for all of us to lead intriguing conversations and participate in spirited debates.

The heart of these events lies in understanding our work challenges and seeking answers. We're planning to introduce expert panel discussions to ensure you leave with actionable insights every time.

The East Midlands boasts a vibrant marketing community. Our aim? To connect this community, encourage collaborative learning, and leverage our collective wisdom to excel in our marketing endeavors.

What's Next?

Our gears are in motion! We're ironing out the details for our inaugural event, and what better time than the festive season?

We're gearing up for a grand Christmas gathering, which will set the tone for a series of events planned for 2024.

Pre-register now and be among the first to receive updates about our launch event and the upcoming 2024 agenda. And for those sitting on the fence, let's just say that delightful food and drinks await every attendee.

Cheers to new beginnings and marketing brilliance! 🥂


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