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What we do

We give our clients a bespoke and fully dynamic outsourced marketing function.

We've run high performing marketing functions for almost 20 years and have generated millions of pounds of sales for some of the UKs biggest brands.


We're definitely not just the colouring in department. 

How we do it

At the start of 2020, working from anywhere was seen as a progressive approach and even a perk for employees. But of course, this is now just business as usual.

And it's working, literally.


We fundamentally believe that how we work has changed forever.


How we do it: The Distributed economy


Traditionally organised businesses are going to need to streamline their overhead to survive, while competition for growth is going to become even more fierce.


To fuel that growth businesses will still need a talented marketing function with diverse skills. Just not on payroll.


This is why we created The Inspired Marketing Group.


We're building the UK's largest marketing function. Combining the marketing skills, expertise and specialisms your business needs with complete flexibility and extreme cost effectiveness.

Dial up or down different parts of the marketing mix, adjust your team by adding or removing specialisms exactly as your business or the market dictates.


Yea, but what do marketing do?

Marketing drives business growth.

We're the reason you bought that latest thing, we're how you got that amazing deal, we're how you discovered that new TV show. We're the fuel for your sales team, we turbo charge word of mouth and we make businesses and people famous.

We also bring insight. We drive prioritisation on new product development, on margin, profit and operational efficiency. We are obsessed about return on investment. 


A high performing marketing team can be the Golden Goose of your business.


You want strategy? Tactics? We got 'em

Strategy & Planning

Every business needs a vision, a strategy and a plan to make it happen. We're pretty good at this, over the last 20 ish years we've taken many a CEOs half arsed ideas and turned them into millions of pounds worth of sales. 


Your brand is not your logo or your colour palette. It's your reason for being, it's who you want to reach, how you reach them and how you act, talk and behave everywhere. Get this right and everything else is simple.

Acquisition & Retention

Find and reach more of your perfect customers and turn the customers you already have into raving fans.

Whether it's on or offline we've got you covered with end to end multi-channel campaigns.

Digital Marketing

This is basically marketing today, but still absolutely critical to get right. From high converting websites to social advertising to affiliates, we have people with the deep expertise to get it all humming together for you. 

Creative design

Humans are visual creatures. Good design cuts through the noise and makes people take notice. It elevates a business and moves it beyond just competing to dominating a market. 


Maximise that great news story, reach new audiences and make yourself or your business famous. Alternatively, when it hits the fan, get expert advice and support so you don't inadvertently pour petrol on your own dumpster fire.  

Customer Comms

Every piece of communication that goes to your customers is critical. The majority are often ignored, but getting clarity, tone and the language right can save a fortune in operational cost as well as driving top line sales 

Coaching & Mentoring

Developing your existing team through expert help, advice and guidance is crucial. This could be supporting monthly planning sessions, or 1-2-1 coaching of your rising star or a recently promoted Head of.

Internal Comms

Keeping your employees updated is critical to any successful business. It also drives engagement and advocacy. We can offer simple advice or shape and own your internal comms.

As client side marketers, we know how to  conduct this complex marketing orchestra

There is obviously plenty of detail within each of these areas but we've learned over the years when and how to dial each one up or down depending on what we need to achieve.

So whether you want guidance and advice or very channel specific support, we can bring exactly the right expertise into your business.

Three simple ways you can work with us

We know every business is different and that they can be complicated, so we like to keep things really simple. We have three ways you can work with us:

1. Do it yourself

If you need a senior marketer in your business to keep you on track then this is for you. No contracts, no retainer just director level marketing expertise when you need it.

2. Done with you

If you have a marketing team and you want to add some extra skills, boost your capacity or kick off a new project then this is for you.

Normally 3 month+ contracts

3. Done for you

This is where we bring our full power to bear on your business. Director level expertise to lead your team and channel specialists who drop in and out to deliver your marketing goals.

Normally 3+ month contracts


Regardless, the first steps are always the same

Based on where you want to get to we'll build a map including any assumptions or known unknowns as well as what will need to be true for you to get where you want. 

Using your map, together we'll start pulling together a more detailed plan fleshing out the different stages of the journey, the challenges we might face and the skills we'll need to overcome them.  

Using our extensive list of experts we'll build an entirely bespoke team for your project. Your team can be as small or as large as you or your plan dictates, but you always have the option to dial up or down areas to suit.

Ready to take the first step?

1. We'll start at the end

Every engagement starts with an objective workshop. We spend at least half a day in your business understanding exactly what you want to achieve, your challenges, and your opportunities.

2. We'll create a map

3. We'll build the plan

4. We'll select the team