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30 superstar marketers join the iMG. Marketing Community!

The year is only 3 months old but already 30 superstar marketers have been onboarded into the img. Community and are ready to help businesses around the world.​

30 superstar marketers join the iMG. Marketing Community

Our business model means we can parachute in these marketing experts to help businesses succeed with none of the long term costs. That way they get the best people working for them & only pay for them when they need them.

Sometimes businesses just need an extra pair of hands. A trusted expert to come in & deliver for them straight away. Our huge panel of marketing experts have spent years doing just that. The iMG. Community boasts a range of marketing disciplines. Below you'll find some of the skillsets we have within our community. Naturally these also range across a number of sectors and industries :

  • Marketing Director

  • Head of Marketing

  • Marketing Manager

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Content Marketing Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Graphic Designer

  • Copywriter

  • Photographer

  • Campaign Manager

  • CRO consultant

  • Full stack developer

  • PR

  • SEO specialist

  • Market Researcher

  • Brand Manager

  • Videographer

  • Plus many more...

So, whether businesses have a one-off marketing initiative they need delivering, a longer term project, or just coaching & mentoring for an existing marketing team or rising star, then within our community we have a solution for everybody.. The process is simple too. Based on a businesses specific objectives, we create a bespoke & highly dynamic marketing function from our huge panel of experts. This then changes and adapts to a their needs or priorities. No retainers. No long drawn out recruitment process. Just brilliant people in businesses as quickly as they need them.


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