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BGI extend their marketing relationship with iMG.

The Business Growth Institute (BGI) has agreed a further contract with The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) to continue the growth and awareness of their online propositions. ​

Since December 2020, iMG. have been working with BGI on branding, messaging and acquisition. The initial term ended in February, but an extension was triggered until April, and today a further extension of the contract has been agreed.

In keeping with the iMG. model of flexibility through a subscription based marketing approach, the team and skillsets required have evolved and changed over the terms of these deals, as the needs of BGI change. To date iMG. have provided brand strategy and proposition work, email marketing, thought leadership content generation, digital marketing and social media support Led by iMG. Co-Founder David Coghlan acting as the fractional marketing director, the following iMG. Community members supported and delivered worked on, or are currently working on, the BGI project:

  • Rob Watson - SEO and Digital Marketing specialist

  • Kerry Leech - Content distribution and channel specialist

  • Rebecca Warrington - Content distribution and channel specialist

  • Lewis Walters - Paid social media expert

  • Clare Sherriff - Social media and content expert

  • Andy Barton - CRM (Hubspot) specialist

  • ​Maeve Thompson - Marketing Exec


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