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iMG. revamps local football team website as a gesture of goodwill.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) has relaunched a local football teams’ website for free. The original website was launched back in 2018 but had remained mothballed since 2019. The club has over 496 players registered across 20 teams ranging from their first team that plays in the Sheffield Black Dragon Premier Division North down to two Under 7's teams who play in the Sheffield & District Sunday League.

The club original website had been untouched for nearly 3 years due to several factors out of their control, but they wanted something that could showcase all their teams, not just the first team. There were also other additional critical criteria, namely:

  • The website needed to be easy to manage as they are voluntary run.

  • It could help with the logistics of pitch scheduling

  • It could be used as a communication tool to contact all parents & players.

​​ The Inspired Marketing Group delivered:

  • A fully functioning e-com website where match tickets can be sold online, in time, if they want to pursue this.

  • Each club right down to under 7’s have a dedicated page where fixtures and league tables are automatically updated on their page when results are submitted to The FA. A central hub for all the clubs results with no extra effort to the club thanks to HTML coding.

  • An event calendar where fixtures and club events are automatically updated and pushed to devices & calendars if people subscribe. Just like any professional football club has today on their website.

  • CRM functionality for the club allowing people to subscribe to its website, and then be contacted through an integrated email tool.

  • A club shop where kit can be purchased directly from the club or sent to a distributor to fulfil.

  • Dynamic contact forms to limit the amount of contact needed i.e. if you want to join a team and select that option on the contact form, then additional fields appear asking for the child’s date of birth at the beginning of the conversation rather than sending an email back to ask how old are they.

  • Pitch availability displayed for coaches to understand if they can do more training sessions etc

  • Facebook messenger and WhatsApp integration for contact.

  • Plus lots more

The whole website was delivered for free with the club then funding the £300 a year running costs for the CMS, CRM and Goggle Workspace platforms. A completely revamped website with additional functionality for less than £1 a day. The website can be viewed at


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