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Specialist digital resource deployed to SaaS business.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) has agreed a 3 month contract to provide all-encompassing digital marketing support to help the SaaS business continue its growth story and lay the foundations for further growth in the next financial year.

MintSoft, a recent acquisition for The Access Group, has been a major success for retailers during the pandemic, and the product is seen as a major source of revenue over the next couple of financial years.

The role will focus on site optimisation and lead flow analysis initially to ensure everything is in place to then drive increased traffic through the site. Following this initial piece of work, The Inspired Marketing Group will then work alongside existing PPC and SEO agencies to drive increase traffic to the website and ultimately provide an incremental uplift to leads and sales this financial year. This will in turn then provide a platform to build upon to ensure the increased revenue targets in the following financial year can be achieved. One of our founder iMG. Community members Emily Wilson, a global digital marketing expert, will lead on this project for The Inspired Marketing Group.


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