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The Sky’s the limit: iMG. becomes media buying agency for Adsmart from Sky

We’re all now completely comfortable dual, or even triple screening when we relax to watch our favourite shows. The shift towards on demand and digital media means that for many of us, sitting down at a specific time to watch our favourite shows has become a thing of the past.

iMG. becomes media buying agency for Adsmart from Sky

It is in this multi-device, digital era that main-stream television producers and (not so) new entrants like Netflix and Amazon et al have been scrambling to seize market share and never has the market been more competitive for our time and our attention.

With all this disruption to how we watch TV, the fact remains that TV, in all its various forms, accounts for a huge percentage of our relaxation time each day with us brits on average watching some form of TV entertainment for 4 hours per day and average TV viewing has increased significantly during the lockdown. (Don't mention the increased day time TV watching, I was working Rich, honestly...) As a result, and regardless of the seeming never-ending talk of big brands shifting huge ad spend to social media and other digital channels, TV remains a massive opportunity for businesses to reach huge swathes of the population. Traditionally TV was the preserve of big brands with huge advertising budgets, but again the shift towards digital consumption and the resulting data that online viewing through these platforms creates, is democratising access to TV advertising, making it more cost-effective, measurable and targeted allowing brands with smaller budgets or with more niche target audiences to get involved for the first time. It’s for this reason that we’re working with Adsmart from Sky as a media buying agency. We’ve spent the majority of our careers in the digital marketing space, which offers huge opportunities for specific targeting and clear RoI analysis on a channel by channel basis, that level of performance analysis is coming true for TV via digital TV advertising.

iMG. becomes media buying agency for Adsmart from Sky

It allows brands that traditionally wouldn't have even considered TV a channel or an opportunity to reach their target business audience cost effectively across multiple TV and digital platforms that their competitors won’t be taking advantage of.

It’s a huge opportunity for all of our clients and we’re really excited to be working with the team at Adsmart.

Now... who can make us an IMG TV ad?


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