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Video for a company enabling a Net Zero energy economy.

The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) are working on a video to showcase the work being done by a company empowering connections and helping enable a Net Zero energy economy. Sitigrid is a CleanTech company offering a peer-to-peer trading platform that facilitates local energy markets. In turn this enables ‘prosumers’ to optimise the sale of excess renewable energy, creating efficiencies in the energy distribution system and allowing energy consumers to buy locally produced renewable energy at reduced prices. Throughout the energy industry, strategy is centred around Decarbonisation, Digitisation and Decentralisation. Sitigrid have developed a centralised digital marketplace which will help to facilitate decentralisation, and decarbonisation. The video once released will showcase to investors the work they are doing in this space. iMG. Community member James Connolly, a videographer with extensive knowledge of filmmaking techniques from working in the corporate, promotional and charity sectors, will lead on this project for The Inspired Marketing Group.


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