Joint venture announced by marketing and PR firms

26th January, 2021​ -

Nottingham-based Press For Attention PR and the The Inspired Marketing Group (iMG.) have embarked on a joint venture.


The partnership which will see the businesses join forces to deliver marketing campaigns to their combined client bases.


iMG. was launched just prior to Christmas by Richard Johnson and David Coghlan, while Press For Attention PR was established by Greg Simpson in 2008.


IMG and Press For Attention PR say they are already working together on a number of projects after Press For Attention PR having helped to launch iMG. in December. 

Coghlan said: “We’re really pleased to be working with Greg on a more strategic basis as he is exactly the calibre of expert that we are seeking to assemble here on the iMG. team. Our clients need two key things, expertise and flexibility and by working with our model they get just that.”


Simpson said: “I have known Richard and David professionally for a long time and have worked with them on some really interesting campaigns via the traditional supplier model. Now we are working more closely, we can see where the opportunities are for both businesses to add value not only to each other but more importantly to our clients. It is a win/win/win situation and that can only be a good thing for everyone.”


Johnson added: “This is a great opportunity for both businesses to create something greater than the sum of our parts. In marketing, it can be very easy to hoard ideas and opportunities and to almost circle the wagons when it comes to market share.

“That isn’t actually very helpful to most clients. What they want is access to resources that allow the job to get delivered in the best way possible way, with the least possible hassle for them and with a focus on excellence in delivery and results. By partnering with experts like Greg and Press For Attention PR we are creating that service and also opening up our own networks to wider opportunities outside of our immediate reach. The benefits are there for all to see.”