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Making the leap: The iMG. guide to becoming a Freelancer




If you're considering becoming a freelance marketer - you probably have questions. While social media might show success stories of freelancers living nomadic lives, working on the beach, making 'passive income' or gathering clients just by turning on a 'lead magnet' you probably know that all good things worth having take time and hard work. 


However, there’s a difference between working hard for a corporation to the hard work and rewards you get working for yourself and running your own business. 


The freelance life isn't for everyone, but if you are reading this guide the chances are you want to find out if it's for you. We are huge advocates of the freelance lifestyle and we want to support people who are thinking about making the leap with support, insight and of course our amazing community and ever growing list of clients with live projects. If you really want to make the leap to freelance then you can do it, and with our community by your side you’ll never have to work anything out alone.


Our community of freelance marketers are just like you. They have been marketing managers, heads of marketing, specialists, executives, and everything in between. Some of them have left 'big money, big responsibility' jobs and are now making their own path on their own terms - some earning more now than they ever did working for someone else while others are rebalancing life, working less and living more! Most importantly, every freelancer in our community has the freedom to control their own destiny.


So what can you expect from this guide? First of all we don’t have all the answers, but based on our own experience and that of our community we're going to walk you through the process of becoming a marketing freelancer. From making the decision to go freelance, what you need to do before you ‘push the button’ - to finding your first client, getting insured, getting paid, and what to do when you need help. 


Ready? Let's get started!

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