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Making the leap: The iMG. guide to becoming a Freelancer

Next steps

Next steps.


You don't need to do it alone!

You can Join the iMG. We have launched people like you into the freelance careers of their dreams. 


If you're a kick ass, marketing superstar and you've been inspired by what we're doing, then we want to hear from you.


We're creating one of the biggest outsourced marketing departments and you could be part of it. By joining the img. Community you'll be joining a group of great people. People who know how to get serious results for businesses, people who can transform vision into action and sales. It doesn't matter what discipline you specialise in, or even if you aren't a specialist, (like us) as long as you can demonstrate your skills and are happy rolling up your sleeves for clients, we want to speak to you. 

What is the iMG. Community?


Firstly, it provides outstanding freelancers with a place to hangout, network with likeminded people, share ideas, or simply a place to go when you need help or just want to chat things through, ask advice or generally just feel part of a team.


However, above all else our we want to provide img. Community members with the opportunity to work for amazing brands and get paid the rates you deserve for the work that you love.

Access to the img. Community is free. You just need to register with us.

How we work?


Outside of the free community element for networking, when we place freelances with our clients they expect the best. They are ambitious and want to do exciting things. They want experts to help them do it. We create whole marketing functions and marketing teams for our clients made entirely of highly talented specialists, just like you, so our clients ambition becomes a reality. 

We'll only match you to client projects that perfectly align to your skills and for every project you'll be surrounded and supported by other members of The Inspired Marketing Group team to get the job done. 


It means you'll spend your time doing the work you love for businesses that really need your skills.

You'll also get paid the rate you deserve, for the value you deliver on our behalf.  

We're not for everyone

We started The Inspired Marketing Group because we only want to do great work, for great businesses, with great people. Obviously while getting paid a fair rate.


Because of this we're not just open to anyone, we spend time personally finding, selecting, and speaking to people to join us. We work with serious businesses with serious ambitions, so while we really are good fun, everybody in our team needs to take the work they do for our clients seriously.

Our offer works best if you're already a freelancer and how a portfolio of clients, even if this is just one or two.

Click Join our community below and register your details. We'll review your CV, your experience and then arrange a video call. If we like you, and you like us obviously, we'll invite you to join the img. Community.

What do I get?

When you're accepted as a member of The Inspired Marketing Group you'll be part of a community delivering brilliant marketing activity for great businesses.

From the beginning you'll get:

  • Access to the img. Community Slack channel for everyday marketing support, advice and best practice tips from fellow community members.

  • Monthly virtual All Hands meetings for that more personal touch.

  • ​Lead generation for your own business, so you can continue to do your own thing and help us if you have spare capacity.

  • The opportunity to work directly for The Inspired Marketing Group. If we ever need for example any social, video or specialised help for our business, we only ever place this work with our  img. community members.

When we provide you with work you'll get:

  • An img. email address.

  • The use of our branding.

  • Access to our Tech stack.

  • Great day rates that get even better as your membership status increases.

  • Protection from invoicing issues. We pay within days of the month end not on 30 or 60 day terms.

For the freelancers we place, we do this on two conditions:

  1. On your first contract with us we charge a £99 admin fee to set everything up. But then any other contracts you receive from us in the next year are not subject to any admin fees.

  2. You'll need to have professional indemnity insurance to work on behalf of The Inspired Marketing Group.

​So, if you're a freelancer running your own business and are not fully booked, or just starting out in the freelance world then joining couldn't be simpler.


Still interested? Apply to join us!

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